Te Reo

Ka ora te reo ki te korerotia   Speak te reo so that it lives/survives

Kororareka Marae, in partnership with Te Wananga o Aeotearoa brought Te Reo classes to Russell Kororareka to promote the Maori language and its use in everyday situations.  Two Diploma level courses were run which were eagerly attended by a total of more than 50 people, both maori and pakeha. The classes were designed for learning and for fun.

  • Korero – Conversation
  • Waiata – Singing
  • Katakata – Laughter
  • Whakahoanga – Friendship
Images from a Wananga in July 2009

Images from the Kororareka Wanganga

In 2009 for the inaugral classes, 25 students completed  Level 1 and Level 2 Te Ara Reo Maori. In 2010 they were joined with a second group starting Level 1 & 2, while they continued with Level 3 & 4. In 2011, approximately 20 students completed their Diploma level with the second class completing Level 3 & 4.

The result is a significant number of our community who now have basic maori and others who have gone on to higher levels of proficiency. To keep up the level of Reo in this community, class members still get together weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to practice conversation. If you’d like to join them email David McKenzie merkenzie@gmail.com